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"May your pieces abundantly find their way to your opponents king" - Unknown

BMCC (Kuta)

BMCC (or Benteng Majahapit Chess Club) is located in Kuta and is actually the most regularly crowded chess place in Bali. Most people are locals because this place has no advertisements, but newcomers and foreigners are super warmly greeted and welcomed. Players here are usually between 1500-2000 fide rating. But, if you ask around, 2100-2300 and titled fide players can show up for you as well. Tables with benches are placed next to a small local shop where players buy snacks, drinks (+- 5.000 IDR for a coca cola or coffee). Great atmosphere. It holds around 20 people or so. If it's your first time coming here, your best bet would be to come here at evenings, especially weekends. Every now and then people do play here on mornings/afternoons, but it's less common. They have a WhatsApp group that you can join, if you'd like, where they may post tournament info/dates. Just have to go and ask any person there to add you into the group.

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Knights Chess Bar (Canggu)

Knights Chess Bar is located in Bali's upscale Canggu and brands itself as Asias first chess bar. It's a truly unique concept and has attracted a large interest since its launch in 2022. They provide a wide variety of drinks/small meals as well as an overall great atmosphere with chilly vibe music. Most people here are foreigners and players are usually ranked between 800-1800 fide with occasionally 1800-2100 or even 2100-2400 rated players appearing as well. It's certainly a very supportive place for beginners and enthusiasts. They have had other events such as a simultaneous event by a visiting chess Grandmaster. They are widely active on their Instagram, where it's very much recommended that you do follow them for updates. They do hold multiple tournaments per week and usually at evenings. First time tournament winners will win a small surprise prize. It's a great place for meeting tourists from all over the world while playing some blitz or rapid.

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Octo Chess Club (Denpasar)

Located in Denpasar, this is a place where usually talented chess players gather for small tournaments, training, and sparring games. The owner of the place is a man called Octo, who has been considered for many years to be one of the best chess players living in Bali. He is extremely sharp, tactically aware and enormously creative at the board.

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City Park (Denpasar)

Located inside Denpasar's famously big park, people regularly play chess by bringing their own chessboard and pieces. They will be happy to accept your challenge.

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Pantai Pertamina (Kuta)

If you take the picture on the left, you go there and walk to the right (towards the street), where about half a dozen local men play chess every day with their friends in the recently renovated gazebos. They are on beginner level though. It's next to the airport. You don't hear any sound from the planes, but you will see them coming in and out. This is really a very very beautiful place. Do wear sunscreen here because the sun can get insanely hot, also in the shadows. If you come from Jerman beach, which is a more popular entrance, then walk all the way to the left, about 10 minutes south.

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